Emergency services calls

  • 24 hour emergency service.
  • Execution of all urgent repairs.

Maintenance works or repairs (minor or major)

  • Plumber, electrician, exterminator, roofer....
  • Service calls or repairs for any property.

Interior cleaning

The following items were specifically adapted for the maintenance  of a foreclosure property.
  • Remove small rubbish in every room and store garbage bags in the garage or basement.
  • Sweep, vacuum and wash all ceramic or linoleum floors.
  • Clean sink and kitchen counter tops.
  • Clean interior of kitchen cabinets.
  • Wash all bathroom accessories.
  • Install light bulbs and sockets if necessary.
  • Install a carpet in the main entrance hall.
  • Wash windows.

Supervision of major repairs

  • Evaluate the work to be done.
  • Request an estimate from contractors.
  • Study of the estimates that were submitted.
  • Presentation of evaluation, estimates and recommendations.
  • Administration and supervision of the work from beginning to end, upon approval.